I’ve never thought about my drawing as anything but a visual story told with movement and color. The shapes that bend and twist in many directions at once like reading a good book or watching a movie. Weaving a detailed and intricate and sometimes quirky tale that I hope captures the imagination of all who read it with their eyes and enjoys it with a smile.

As a storyteller if you request a commission I like to know a bit of the background and why what I’m putting on paper is important to you – I want to put the glint and sparkle into it that you feel when you see it. To put the joy of it of what it portrays in your life and leaves you with a grin.

I’m also happy to “remark” that is adding an additional special something that is only on your own one of a kind copy of an already created original. Or a drawing for only you of your own personal Story – and I love telling new stories.