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“HyperMotion Technology” introduces real-time animation on all players, cameras, ball and lighting, allowing players to react more naturally and intuitively in every action on the field. New Tactical Match Engine and Tackling System. FIFA 22 introduces all new tactical elements, including new instant feedback when a player takes a man and delivers a precise, accurate and rewarding tackle. Players can use superior tackling techniques to attempt to beat opponents off the ball. The “rebounding” technology seen in FIFA 20 returns, allowing players to get up after a tackle to play on their feet, and be prepared to attack or defend in different ways. In FIFA 22, it is possible to have two defenders on one midfielder and no defenders on the wing, and even one attacker on a midfielder. This is possible because of the new “line probing” system. Every positioning tactic has its benefits and drawbacks. Line probing gives you the ability to change this during the game by actively probing the best way to place your players as you go. New Formation View and Tactical Orders The new Formation View gives players a tactical overview of the game as if they are flying above the pitch. Players can see details and get instant feedback on their positioning, and receive tactical orders directly from players on the field. New “Predefined Orders” provide players the opportunity to communicate with each other on the field even before the match starts. Improvements on the xG and Passivity Metrics This year’s update includes more details and more reliable data on xG (Expected Goals). Players can also now have their xG adjusted with each passing action on the pitch, and while being off the pitch. Passivity on shots and crosses has been improved, making it even easier to convert a shot or a cross. New Pause Menu and Video Feedback FIFA 22 introduces a new pause menu, with the option to change the audio and camera settings of the player during matches. By pressing the touchpad, players can toggle between first, second and third person view. Players can also choose if they want to hear the crowd or not. FIFA 22 brings video feedback to multiple areas of the pitch. In opposition penalty areas and when the ball has passed the penalty box. Players can highlight the camera angle, movement direction and pass accuracy. Players can now press a button to toggle between game and video feedback.


Features Key:

  • Presented in 4K HDR and Pro-Engine 2
  • True next generation GPU powered gameplay
  • Show-stopping HD visuals with elements you can see from any angle
  • The deepest gameplay ever
  • Innovative RBG tech that captures the true tones of colours in the most realistic way
  • Improved animations, improved ball physics and accelerated game play
  • Exceptional foosball play


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FIFA is the world’s most popular football game franchise. Featuring the most realistic game engine to date, FIFA brings to life the speed, skill and strategy of the beautiful game in a way that has never been seen before. The FIFA series includes FIFA 12, FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and this year FIFA Ultimate Team™, a true social franchise that combines all-new gameplay features to change the way millions play. FIFA is available for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4, Wii U and Xbox One. What’s new in FIFA? FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay innovations and a new season of innovation across every mode. Whether you’re attending your favourite club’s matches or kicking off your training drills with your virtual players, FIFA is the game to get closer to the real thing. This year’s innovations include: Improved Player Behaviour Get in the car and go — Now you can seamlessly navigate and control any vehicle and board any of the world’s 50,000 licensed vehicles. Whether you’re taking on your manager in Manager Mode, playing a quick game of 3-vs-3 on the pitch or taking part in the all-new The Journey mode, all actions are now inspired by their real-life equivalents. Going forward, changes to player behaviour will continue to push the game closer to reality. For example, heading the ball will have a more pronounced effect on a player’s movement, while the intelligent AI in opponents will make them more challenging. Gameplay Concepts Become the manager of the game your favourite club plays in the real world — Manage players, set tactics, manage fans, build a stadium, play in the new The Journey mode, and more in FIFA 22. The tactics system has been re-designed, and will become more flexible as the season progresses. Instead of being restricted by a fixed number of tactics, you will be able to play with a range of different tactics as the real world scenario dictates. We’ve also added more FIFA Ultimate Team™ activity and items. New Set Pieces Get stuck in – The robust physics engine has been re-worked to make set pieces more realistic. Midfielders and defenders are less likely to dive when a ball is heading towards them in a set piece. Goalkeepers and defenders in a one-v-one situation bc9d6d6daa


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 Play over 20 leagues, including more than 50 teams, and take your club all the way to the UEFA Champions League with FIFA Ultimate Team! Build your own dream team from players in real life and use your imagination to create unique looks using more than 100 different kits. Create your own style, or choose from thousands of player looks. Club World Championship – For the first time ever, play for your country in Club World. Take on the role of your national team captain and lead your squad to glory in a 16-team FIFA World Club Championship. With more than 50 leagues, more than 200 real-world football clubs and more than 50 real-world teams, there’s more than enough content in FIFA 22 to keep you going for hours on end. Roster Updates The Ultimate Team card backs, player cards, and kits all feature updates to reflect the new rules of Injuries and Free Kicks. European Team of the Year The Champions League winner will be crowned as European Team of the Year. EFL Team of the Year Winners of the English Football League will be crowned as EFL Team of the Year. Injuries Updated Updated injury reports are now displayed on your player cards during gameplay. Real-Time Weather Play in a location that has various weather conditions and atmospheric conditions to affect your gameplay, including rainy, snowy, and windy weather. You can also check your current weather conditions anytime from the pause menu. Downloadable Screens Downloadable in-game screens have been added to the main menu. Download them to your PC, transfer them to your PS4 or Xbox One, and get the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game early by following instructions on your controller. Match Day FIFA 22 introduces a range of new features for the matchday experience, including: Skill Stick Indicators – On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can now configure the Aiming Assist and Skill Stick indicators to suit the way you play More Attacking Intelligence – New Tactical Intelligence system now lets you select individual players to create precise and accurate attacking patterns on the pitch New End Game FIFA 22 focuses on what it is that makes the match-winning, goal-scoring point in football so satisfying. The end-game rewind mechanic, brand-new introduction of Full-backs and Midfielders, and a host of new attacking animations make it even more immersive than ever. Career


What’s new:

  • All-new broadcast enhancements; for live streams and playback devices
  • HIGHLIGHTS for Mac and Android smartphone
  • FIFA Futbol Mixer ERC


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EA SPORTS™ FIFA is the best-selling and most popular sports video game franchise. This award-winning franchise has pioneered the soccer genre, creating the definitive soccer gaming experience that millions of fans around the world enjoy. Player skill and strategy, world-class ball control, and all-new gameplay innovations have set FIFA apart as a videogame genre-defining experience that has earned EA the prestigious Academy Sports Emmy® Award for “Outstanding Sports Game.” FIFA is where new rules are born. It is the game that revolutionized football with its rules set, creating a competition based on football “on the pitch,” where no player can fake like Lionel Messi, pass like Cesc Fabregas, or dribble like Neymar. FIFA has won more than 350 awards, and has been played by over 100 million registered players worldwide as of April 2012. FIFA 20 provides all the features for the ultimate soccer game. Features include: Football An all-new, career-like club experience across 99 leagues, featuring four live, all-English first-division clubs, three live, all-Scottish Premier League teams, and five live, all-Italian Serie A sides, plus a new way to play for every club, as well as never-before-seen interviews and in-depth career mode. All players For the first time in the FIFA series, you can choose to play with any player from any club in all 99 leagues, not just one. New partnerships Over 30 leagues feature fresh partnerships with iconic sports brands, such as Serie A and La Liga, as well as an enhanced partnership with the UEFA Champions League. All players For the first time in the FIFA series, you can choose to play with any player from any club in all 99 leagues, not just one. Modern Club Icons With enhanced club designs and modern club Icons, this is the first FIFA to feature recognizable faces of some of the biggest clubs in the world. Play the way you want FIFA 20 introduces a new User Interface (UI) that provides new visual and interactive features, while still keeping the game simple to play and enjoy. This enables players to choose a visual style that suits them best, while also allowing for more gameplay control. Retail Pack In addition to the game itself, players will receive ‘Retail Kits’ and t-shirts inspired by FUT


How To Crack Fifa 22:

  • Unzip and extract the release notes inside the Fifa_22_RC folder
  • double click the setup.exe file (Installation begins automatically
  • Accept the EULA;
  • Enjoy the game!


  • If you receive an error, first rename the fai_file_patch.txt file before running the setup.exe file. (renaming the file help to automatically)
  • If you still receive an error, try running the game as administrator.


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Windows 7 64bit or Windows XP 64bit A minimum of 3.5GB free hard-disk space 3.5GB free RAM DirectX 9.0c compatible video card MIDI IN & MIDI OUT MIDI Connector kit MIDI IN: Audio Interconnect Device (MIDI port from external sound card/MIDI-through-USB-connection) MIDI OUT: MIDI interface to control other MIDI instruments Additional connection required: USB MIDI Connector (must be installed first)


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