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Spellcasting Collection is the first in a three part series created by Legend Entertainment. It began with Spellcasting 101, continued with Spellcasting 201 and finished with Spellcasting 301. That’s All Folks! This text-adventure was released by Legend Entertainment. Plot A male humanoid character has been transported to a bizarre fantasy world created by the wizard king Ravanna. He is in possession of a fantastic book which will help him master the magical arts. The protagonist makes a number of decisions which affect the course of his adventure. Setting The futuristic setting of the game is populated by several non-human races, notably elves, fire breathing dragons, and Mooplangs. The main human character is male, while most of the inhabitants are women. Gameplay The first portion of the game takes place inside the protagonist’s own head. As a young man, he falls asleep, and is transported to the world of his dreams. There he encounters the wizard king Ravanna, and goes through a series of tests. The first quest involves helping the wizard to regain his lost daughter’s heart. The character is eventually granted passage to another world after accomplishing this task. Upon arrival, the protagonist is given a long speech by one of the fairy folk, which explains that there are many magical lands, and that he must choose one of them as his abode. Shortly after this, the protagonist and a female companion encounter a talking rock that explains that the wizard has gone insane. The female companion then leaves the protagonist behind, and he must travel through the magical realm by himself. The rock suddenly becomes hostile and gives the protagonist a Riddle of Swords, asking him to unravel the riddle and gain the sword within. Upon solving the riddle, the protagonist meets the wizard who in turn gives him a sword which will allow him to wander in the magical realm for free. When the wizard realizes that the protagonist is a wizard too, he decides to add a helping hand to the adventure. The female companion returns to the protagonist and the wizard who leads them to a magical forest. Soon after, the character meets the Queen, who is a prisoner of the wicked wizard. The two embark upon a journey to the Red Mountain, where the wizard has his castle. The Queen reveals that she is Ravanna’s daughter, and her father is cruel and evil. After the Queen escapes, the character begins to travel to the Red Mountain by himself. Upon arriving, he saves the Queen from the wizard’s guards, and they


Grandmother’s Tale Features Key:

  • New handball season!
  • Huge open world map
  • Over 60 locations
  • Bike,run and Handball trains
  • Olympic style goal scoring
  • A big town and a village
  • Dodgeball
  • Exciting arenas and stadiums
  • Perfect then save anytime
  • A game that never ends
  • Use the touch screen to read and see stats
  • A court stand and a mini stadium
  • Languages in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Huge collection of new items
  • Variety of new events
  • Beautiful professional 3D graphics!
  • Handball 21 Game Operation:

    • Move your character with the touch screen and left,right,up,down interactions.
    • Tilt to dodge.
    • Run to score goals
    • Touch to pass or kick the ball
    • After each game you can save and enjoy unlimited time
    • The most advanced ball physics ever in a VR game
    • Unlock new players, cars, locations and arenas
    • While downloading, please play using your phone or previous save if possible
    • You must download OsmAnd to play the game

    You will like Handball 21 game:

    • Here you can earn gold coins that you can use in the shop to buy accessories
    • Handball 21 car collection
    • New locations

    Am desperate to start Handball 21? Can’t wait to try it out? We have good news for you!

    • 1 Handball 21 Gold Coins
    • 1 Month Premium Membership (You need Premium


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