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Note The Color Replacement command is not available on a Mac. 1. **Choose Image** ⇒ **Adjustments** ⇒ **Color Replacement**. The Color Replacement tool appears, ready to replace the color of the selected area of your image. The program prompts you to choose a color: 2. **Click the eyedropper tool to place the paint bucket in the area where the new color is to be placed**. The eyedropper tool paints the selected area with a new color.

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Having an understanding of what these features are and how they can be used in realistic situations will help you to enhance your images. We will then cover the processes for adding these effects to your image: Lighten and Color the Image Darken and Adjust the Shadow Soften the image Colourize the image and Adjust the Highlights and Shadows Emboss the image and Shading effects Introduction Before we get into details on how the features work, we want to quickly cover what they do and how you can use them in real projects. We will also discuss where you would use each effect. There are three main ways to process images in Photoshop Elements. The Image menu, the Adjust panel and the Image toolbar. Tools On the right side, we have the Adjustments panel which contains the various features in Photoshop Elements. The tools are grouped into four categories: Adjustments Adjustments Effects Adjustments Effects Effects Toggle Tools The main type of tool is the Adjustment tool. You can turn on and off the Toolbox tool which will save you some time. Toolbox If you are looking for a specific feature, you can use the Toolbox to quickly find it. Press the Ctrl + F keys, navigate to the feature you are looking for and use the arrow keys to find it. You can also move all the tools into the Toolbox by navigating to Edit > Preferences > Interface > Toolbox. You can even create your own custom toolbox. Just save the following code in a file (e.g. toolbox.js) and add it to your Photoshop folder. There are a lot of different tool settings, so we will not explain all of them. Click on this image to open a larger version. You can find a detailed description of all the tools on our Photoshop Elements Toolbox page. You can use some of these tools, some are provided by Adobe and others are discussed on this page. Features Lighten and Color the Image The Lighten and Color tools are located under the Adjustments section on the right side. These are two of the best tools you can use to make your images look brighter. You can use these tools for a number of different situations. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can use them to brighten and color the image. To lighten or color an image, use a681f4349e

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Windows 7 or later (32 bit or 64 bit) OS X 10.7 Lion (64 bit) Linux 64 bit or later Input Devices Mouse (optional) Keyboard Changelog: – Added: Option to autoload extended strings – Added: Renamed the spells page – Fixed: Fatal error when toggling the debug mode – Fixed: Bug when toggling the debug mode for spells – Fixed: Google services not loading with certain commands – Fixed