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Rflex is an advanced calibration, analysis and data logging application for spectroradiometric sensors. This tool makes it simple to carry out site specific measurements under various conditions, even in the case of drifting vessels. Rflex provides you with an intuitive interface for automatic and manually measured data on-line. The application runs the measurement calculations in real-time. It also provides all the tools for saving and plotting the data set. After the analysis you can use the Rflex graphical interface to navigate through the measurement process. Test Data Preparation / Measurement Process: • The measurement process is divided in two main steps: 1. Preparation: The test data is created and transferred to the client computer, the measurement application is installed, and the configuration is set up. 2. Measurement: The sensor is moved to the measuring spot and the measurement is performed. We provide large variety of educational and training videos (DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, Mixed) for many different subjects and domains. Hundreds of videos with topics such as Programming, Web Design, Video Editing, Game Design, Programming for Android and many more. For an overview of our content, please visit our catalogue. Joomla ( is an open source Content Management System (CMS) which provides a robust platform for your website. With a simple and easy to use interface, Joomla is perfect for small and medium-sized organizations. It uses the latest web standards to make your site compatible with other sites and devices. You can integrate with other sites or existing applications using its advanced API. It also has a robust system for extensions and modules. Get this Website Hosting on a high-quality Servers at discount price get Exclusive Website Hosting Deal @ Redeem Offer SmartPhones App Development Find Phonegap App Development Services India for your App Development Needs. Apps made with Phonegap software are not only compatible with iDevices and Android Phones, they are also cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. Developing your app with Phonegap has no limitations. We offer professional Phonegap App Development Services and add value to your apps by providing you with a cross-platform app that will allow you to reach a broader audience. We know that Phonegap has limitations and is very different from native Apps. There are many features that make a native App preferred over Phonegap. We provide to you the Phonegap compatibility libraries that will give the same

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Rflex Torrent Download spectroradiometer control application program is a tool designed to control the positioning of the measurement platform, view angle and take measurements. It has been developed specifically for new speedboats, powerboats and sailing yachts which have different hydrodynamic behaviour. The tool is a useful means of measuring radiation from light sources and the reflectance of sailing sails and planks as well as monitoring equipment control systems (radon, airbag, alarm systems, etc.) located on moving vessels. Vessel Identification: Rflex has been developed to include all yacht data, such as the GPS position of the yacht, the number of crew members on board and the names of the crew, course, speed, etc. Rflex specifications: DIMENSIONS – 100% vertical and horizontal measurement resolution; – Up to 6 positions, therefore up to 600 measurements per 1 second; – Integrating and measuring the amount of solar light and the amount of light reflected from the sail, wind sails, hull, plank, etc. Using different combinations of view angles, you can measure the reflectance from the different parts of the vessel. Rflex is an original solution for obtaining this type of data; – Possibility to control the VELA spectroradiometer viewpoint; – GPS signal analyzer: position, speed, course, direction; – Integrating the world’s data network which enables you to download vessel data and sailing weather data from the internet using Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS; – Built-in histogram and data logging module which enables you to measure the amount of sunshine, get weather data from the internet, open web sites, etc.; – Data recording module enabling the measurement of the vessel information on a built-in SD card; – Unique sound signal processor; – Possibility to manage the spectroradiometer platform with a joystick; – Possibility to control the positioning of the vessel using Rflex operation; – Possibility to control the colour of the screen in Rflex; – Possibility to connect Rflex to a laptop or personal computer via serial connection; – Possibility to connect the sensor to a USB port; – Possibility to download vessel data from the internet; – Possibility to control the sensor view angle using a joystick; – Possibility to display or record the sound signal sent by the spectroradiometer; 2f7fe94e24

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Rflex is an intuitive spectroradiometer control application specially designed to perform specific location and reflectance measurements for moving vessels. It is a simple and versatile application, yet powerful enough to take high quality, accurate and precise measurements. The easy to use user interface makes it possible to perform accurate reflectance measurements even on a small vessel. All of the parameters, such as reflectance, coordinates of the vessel, GPS speed and location, etc., can be displayed on the screen of a laptop computer. The vessel’s parameters such as the GPS speed and the GPS coordinates are displayed as a moving line on the map. The vessel’s GPS speed is displayed on a graph of GPS speed data. Vessel’s GPS speed is determined by searching the GPS-signal of the vessel and calculating the speed of a moving point. Rflex Features: 1. Different spectrometer models can be connected to Rflex, which include ASD-Q1, ASD-Q3, ASD-10, ASD-100, ASD-100Q, ASD-100P, ASD-200, ASD-200P. 2. The vessel’s speed and its GPS location can be displayed on the chart. The vessel’s GPS speed is displayed on a graph of GPS speed data. 3. You can change the steering angle of the vessel for better focal distance. 4. Speed sensitivity can be controlled by the vehicle’s travel distance and speed. 5. Spectral measurement parameters such as spectral range, the range of sensitivity, acquisition system, background system, etc., can be changed. 6. Rflex maintains the vessel on the focal plane and sets the tilt angle between the vessel’s course and the focal plane for better fixation of the vessel during the measurement. 7. Rflex can record the spectroradiometric data at one or several points on the vessel, and can set the offset distance between the recording sensor and the vessel to correct for the diffraction effects. 8. The direct and diffuse reflectance of different materials can be easily calculated by Rflex. Rflex includes a built-in diffuse reflectance database and several radiometric models can be selected to obtain the necessary reflectance data, such as material spectra, the BRDF database, the BRDF database provided by PANTONI, ASTM Standard, etc. The spectrum in other materials can be obtained by spectroscopic reflectance measurement. 9. You can select special areas on the chart by using the function of the GPS signal and set the distance from

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– Control your White Seacam EXRflex spectroradiometer while moving a vessel (even while on the sea) – Activate the GPS module option if your vessel is equipped with a GPS device – Rotate the vessel’s viewing angle to select the way of measurement – Reading the spectra result from all the measured points – Recording and saving the spectra from each measured point – Easy to use, intuitive and well explained interface – 1 year warranty on hardware and 3 years on software – Windows OS compatible – Real time data saving in files or in memory, it does not require installation – Various combination of GSD, R and B values, almost all linear combinations are available – Various Visible and NIR Lights can be set to perform specific measurements – You can configure the working hour and use the available continuous recording mode – Combination of Lights or Changes of Visible and NIR lights CETI GHS recommended for general use. Maximum power: 54 watts You must ensure that this unit is stable within 10 cm of the vessel. Cables are installed by a certified electrical engineer and must be properly grounded and cabled according to local regulations, especially where the metal parts are exposed. You must place the unit in an area where it is unlikely to be damaged by the sea or exposed to a high risk of water and wind damage. It should be used with a compatible, waterproofed logging recorder. Note: When the measurement is performed with Water immersed in the vessel, the accuracy can be lower, because water makes the sensor medium more difficult to keep stable. Water levels can therefore not always be zero. You must know the range of measurement of your sensor and choose a lower water level (when available) to perform the measurement. You can add them using the same way as the way you add the data the first time you use the recording device. You cannot add them again after the recording device is unplugged. How to add the data: * You can add it by clicking “Add” in the data screen. * If you want to add the same data you used last time, you can first click the button “Add” and then click “Next” button. * If you want to add a different record, you can select the “New” button. * In the device number field, please input the device number of the device you

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Intel – Quad core i3, Pentium, Core i5, Core i7, Intel 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Generation AMD – Quad core i3, Pentium, Core i5, Core i7, AMD 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Generation Mac – Intel – Quad core i3, Pentium, Core i5, Core i7 Note: Update 1.3.1: Fixed a problem where VR mode did not activate when switched to VR mode in VR application.